Panton Wire now in matte gold


Montana brings a limited-edition version of the Panton Wire Module which Panton designed in 1971.

The special edition is made of steel coated with 24-carat matte gold.

The flexible modules can be used singly or in combination, standing on the floor or hung on a wall.

In this way, you form a light bookcase, a bedside table, a conspicuous coffee table, an entire wall or a room divider.

Panton Wire Mat Gold Limited Edition adds to the existing variants: Chrome, Black, Snow and blue colour, Monarch.

The primary purpose of my work is to provoke people to use their imagination. Most people spend their entire lives in grey or beige conformity and are afraid to use colours. By experimenting with lights, colours, textiles and furniture and using its latest technology, I’m trying to show new ways to inspire people to use their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting.

Verner Panton

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