Orebo’s fascination of wood in 4 generations


In 1890 master builder John Rebien founded the company Orebo.

Today, 126 years later, the company is run by the fourth generation – Ole Rebien.

Today Orebo is a modern company with a staff of qualified employees who manufacture hallway furniture including hat stands, racks and hangers, but also furniture like tables, chairs, stools and clothes racks.

For example, furniture designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, Michael H. Nielsen and Jesper Holm can be mentioned.

Our furniture is made in balance with nature. Not only does this approach create optimal value for the customer, it also  is the logical way to optimize the production.

Orebo that has existed for generations, manufactures furniture that can last for generations.


Rockable – Design: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Orebo Træindustri
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