One spindleback chair is above them all

In 1956, Danish furniture designer Poul M. Volther was commissioned to design a simple and widely applicable dining chair. It was Volther’s last job as head of design studio for the Danish consumer association movement FDB, and one of the most successful as well. His solution to the task was the J46 spindleback chair, which, with its six vertical stick in the backrest, its wide seat and its iconic frame, was both a beautiful, comfortable and functional chair, and which also became a huge sales success with over 850,000 copies sold over the years.

After having been away from the market for some years, J46 was in 2013 relaunched by the FDB – which is now called COOP – and it quickly regained its popularity. In the spring of 2016, the 60 years anniversary of J46 was celebrated, and on that occasion the chair was dressed in a new color scheme consisting of light blue, mint blue, pale yellow, coral and pink. The new color scheme underlines the timelessness of the chair and helps carrying it into new decades.

It is the Danish furniture subcontractor Kvist Industries, which owns the rights to the classic FDB furniture range and produces the relaunched FDB furniture at its factories in Denmark and Latvia.

The J46 chair can be purchased in SuperBrugsen stores in Denmark and on the web shop.