Old love flares up again


Cabinetmaker PP Møbler has closed a design circle by re-launching The Pot Chair, with which the company shares a long story.

The chair was originally designed in 1953 by designer couple Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel. The designers needed to get a prototype of the chair manufactured before presenting it to potential manufacturers. For this task, they chose cabinetmaker Ejnar Pedersen, who they knew from the Copenhagen design and exhibition environment. Ejnar Pedersen had just established his own company, PP Møbler, and the prototype was the young workshop’s first product.

The Pot Chair, as the chair eventually became known as, was for many years produced by the company AP Stolen, who used PP Møbler as a sub-supplier of the frames. It has long been off the market, but has now again been reintroduced as a pure PP product by the model name PP26.

The Pot Chair combines simple shapes with high seating comfort. The chair circular curves form a three-dimensional object that is beautiful and inviting to look at from all angles. The frame is a strong structure of solid beech, and the generous upholstery consists entirely of natural and traditional materials.

PP Møbler
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