The new chair by Magnus Olesen is the first chair by Danish designer and multi-talented Øivind Alexander Slaatto.

The chair consists of a frame, a seat, a back and a single screw.

This chair is the result of my hopeful naivety and Magnus Olesen’s rich experience accumulated over nearly a century. It has been fantastic to be the apprentice in the infinite discipline: the art of building a chair – and then with so experienced a master who insists on quality and innovation.

Øivind Alexander Slaatto

Ø-Chair is available in nine variants and is designed with sustainability and quality in mind.

All or part of the chair can be upgraded, replaced or reused in the long term.

For us, the big furniture trend, “Design for Disassembly”, is actually “old news.”

Nils Knudsen, CEO

The Ø Chair – named after the designer – is an uncomplicated and clarified thought for many years to come.

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