No. 4: The honest chair

In 1959, furniture designer Illum Wikkelsø worked as a house designer for the manufacturer N. Eilersen, and one of the results of the cooperation was an easy chair, which was simply called No.4. With its massive oak frame, elegantly linked to the armrests, and the gently sloping seat and back, ensuring a high seating comfort, No.4 has a simple and honest expression where you can see exactly what the chair has to offer.

No. 4 has been out of production for some years, but now Eilersen has again made it part of its collection and relaunched in oiled, soap treated or black lacquered oak. As regards upholstery, one can choose from a variety of leather and fabric types, while the cushions can be either made of foam or of Eilersen’s special down-top filling.

N. Eilersen
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