New version of the Metropolitan Chair


In their spare time Danish architect partners Aksel Bender Madsen and Ejnar Larsen created the stylish Metropolitan chair, which will be launched in a new version this October.

The furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son relaunched the Metropolitan chair in 2014 in a fully upholstered version with leather.

But now a news version of the chair is being manufactured with the back made of veneer and the seat upholstered in leather.

The chair received great attention when The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York bought a copy for the exhibition “The Arts of Denmark”.

The two architects had a close collaboration which lasted until Einar Larsen’s death in 1987.

Aksel Bender Madsen’s eldest daughter, Marianne Lorentsen says:

Aksel and Ejnar lived close to each other. They both had a studio in the home, so they took turns to visit each other. All work was done in the evening, and they first stopped working at 10 o’clock in the evening, where they drank tea with their wives.


Aksel Bender Madsen (1916-2000) to the left and Ejnar Larsen (1917-1987).

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