New Designa concept departs from classic modular kitchens

It has long been an unwritten rule in the kitchen industry that kitchens should consist of modular boxes in fixed measures, which must be placed in line vertically and horizontally to form complete kitchens. This philosophy leads to good-looking kitchens, however, it also leads to a number of limitations to their functional capabilities.

Now, Danish kitchen manufacturer Designa launches a new, innovative kitchen concept – called Bricks by Designa – which departs from the traditional modular philosophy. The new concept breaks down the kitchen into smaller building bricks that can be combined in numerous ways, thus creating new opportunities for optimal placement of the features most used in everyday kitchen life.

The most important feature is that a drawer can now be placed across two modules. This allows the drawers to be placed right where it makes the most sense in terms of kitchen work. And when one is no longer tied to the traditional modular grid, customers get far more opportunities to put a personal design touch to their kitchen.

Bricks by Designa will be launched in January 2016.

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