New Danish design award to Japanese furniture collector

HRH Prince Joachim (left) congratulated Noritsugu Oda with the Wegner Prize. (Photo: Elise Rahbek)

The new Danish design award Wegner Prize – named after the world-renowned Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner – was awarded for the first time on 22 April. The event took place t the art museum in Wegner’s birthplace Tønder, in the presence of HRH Prince Joachim.

The very first recipient of the new Wegner Prize was professor Noritsugu Oda from Japan, who for many years has built up a large collection of classic Danish design furniture and written several books on the subject. Thus, he has become a valuable ambassador for both the Danish furniture and for the city of Tønder, which he has mentioned several times.

The new Wegner Prize is ordained of the Tønder Art Museum and Tønder Municipality, with the aim to celebrate and raise awareness of Hans J. Wegner, who was born in Tønder in 1914. The prize is 25,000 DKK.

In the future, the prize will be awarded annually to a designer who has contributed significantly to Nordic design development, or a person who helps to spread awareness of Wegner’s work.

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