Neoclassical shelf system celebrates 20 years


In 2016 it will be 20 years since Jesper Holm of Copenhagen launched the shelf system Boox which over the years has built an audience of customers who appreciate that the furniture contains good old values of Danish craftsmanship, individual solutions and timeless design.

The name Boox is a compilation of Book and Box, and the design of the shelves with their square shape and edges with 45 degree slope is inspired by Von Spreckelsen’s triumphal arch in Paris. The grips elegantly follow the inclination of the edges, pointing toward the centre, and the doors have a diagonal cross pattern where the grains create a three dimensional effect. Each shelf unit is hand made to customer order, and you can choose between 50 different types of wood and designate the pieces of veneer who have exactly the colors and the grain structure as you wish.

Pricewise, Boox is at a reasonable and competitive level because sales are made directly from the workshop, saving all the usual retailer profits. This leaves Boox in a stark contrast to the dominant trend of the times with the outsourcing of furniture production to countries with low wages.

jesperholm_portrætFurniture designer Jesper Holm.

“If you as a designer have created just one thing that can survive for generations, you are a very lucky person. I created the Boox system at the age of 29 years, and I have been able to live on this product ever since. The design is timeless and will live for many years to come,” says Jesper Holm.

The company Jesper Holm of Copenhagen specializes in handmade designer furniture, and the Boox system today accounts for about a third of its total turnover.

Jesper Holm of Copenhagen
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