A tower of drawers

The dresser Turning Boxes was originally designed for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition in 2015 by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. Now, this piece of furniture has been put into quantity production by Naver Collection, where it adds up nicely for the rest of the product range of design furniture in high craftsmanship quality.

Turning Boxes consists of 10 drawer boxes, connected together so that each box can rotate 360 degrees horizontally. It allows you to twist, turn, slide or assemble the dresser according to your needs and taste.

The rounded drawer cabinets are made of American walnut, while the drawers are made of European maple. The two different types of wood complement each other beautifully and accentuate their warm color shades.

Turning Boxes is both an exciting sculpture and a functional piece of furniture, inviting to creative play in the interior design.

Dimensions: Total height: 101 cm. Depth: 30 cm. Width: 30 cm

Turning Boxes will be out in stores in May/June 2016.

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