Moulding with layers of color


To the right, you can see the interaction between the natural and the colored veneer layers in Tram’s moulded construction.

Mindcraft is the name of a curated exhibition of Danish design and handicraft, which each year is shown in connection with the Milan Furniture Fair. Mindcraft is arranged under the auspices of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Mindcraft 15 was shown in the court of the old – and still active – monastery Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano in central Milan. This year’s exhibition included 14 new works, selected by the curator, the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi. Because of its high quality, the exhibition was honored with the exclusive distinction Milan Design Award, in the category ‘Menzione Speziale’.

Seen through furniture eyes, one of the most exciting contributions at Mindcraft 15 was the lightweight slender traytable Tram, designed by Akiko Kuwahata. She has used moulding technique in a very special way,  as there between layers of oak or walnut are layers of birch veneer dyed in red or green. It creates a unique visual effect and adds some brand new creative dimensions to a classic wood technology.

The Tram traytable has got its name from the similarity with an old fashioned city tram. The entire table can be lifted by the grip, and the table top itself can be lifted off and used as a serving tray.

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