Mosbøl in millions

The simple, yet elegant Mosbøl dining chair was one of the first models, which chair manufacturer Findahls Møbelfabrik took up in its model range in 1962. In the following decades, Mosbøl was sold in more than 1 million copies, preferably in the United States and Canada. Not least, it was the then popular teak version that was in demand.

The name Mosbøl derives from a site just south of the plant in Southern Jutland. In the early 1960s, all the factory’s chairs were named after South Jutland villages whose names end in “bøl”. Today, only the models Mosbøl and Nybøl are still being produced, and thus the Mosbøl chair represents a small piece of Southern Jutland furniture history.

Mosbøl is produced in beech or oak and comes available with a variety of finishes: lacquered, soaped, oiled, white oil and stained. The stain is performed as teak, brown, mahogany, wenge, cherry, white toned, walnut or black.

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