More reasons to gather outside


Cane-line extends the Drop outdoor kitchen with a bar, a new kitchen element and a greenhouse.

At the same time, a new and smaller basic module is introduced, which allows the kitchen to be integrated into environments where space is limited.

With a width of one meter, the flexible and straightforward kitchen design fit into even a smaller balcony.

The new module size is made of weather-resistant, powder-coated aluminium with a ceramic countertop, and it is possible to add a teak strip.

Included with all modules are functional shelves in powder-coated aluminium, which are easy to move around with as needed.

Combine and arrange the individual elements according to your wishes and needs and build the perfect outdoor space for the changing demands of the family.

We move from the inside to the outside, and the company around food and preparation must follow.

Out is in.

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