Montana launches new app for creative shelving design


Danish shelf manufacturer Montana has created a new app for iPad, “Montana Designed by You”. This app makes it even easier to play in Montana’s large design universe and let your creativity run wild. The app allows the user to seek inspiration in Montana’s vast collection of styled environments, or even start to compose or colorize your own shelving units. Designs created with the app can then be shared on social media, e-mailed to friends or sent directly to the local Montana dealer for ordering or further information.

The app gives you the possibility to visualize your personal design ideas by using Montana’s large palette of colors and modules that include 42 various modules, 49 different colors and 4 depths. By this, you can create exactly the combination you want – perfectly attuned to your personal needs and style.

Besides the well-known Montana shelving system and Montana Sound modules, the drawing program contains opportunities to design your own individual Montana Wardrobe for the bedroom and Montana Bathroom for the bathroom.

The app “Montana Designed by You” is available for the iPad in Apple’s App Store and is free to download and use. On you will find the drawing software for Mac and PC.