Mogensen furniture in miniature editions

The Spanish Chair in natural size and in miniature.

The Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen, whose 100th birthday was celebrated in 2014, has over the years gained many admirers and supporters worldwide. This is also true in Japan, where one of the most dedicated Mogensen fans is Mr. Norimitsu Takahashi, who nurtures a great love for Danish furniture design from the 1950s and 60s.

Many years ago, Mr. Takahashi started a hobby project to create miniature models of Danish furniture classics. Over the years, this hobby became a career for Mr. Takahashi and his wife. Mr. Takahashi produces, refines and assembles all wooden parts, while Mrs Takahashi carefully performs the fine upholstery work and the small stitching.

Now, the Takahashi couple has started making miniatures of two of Børge Mogensen’s and Fredericia Furniture’s best known furniture pieces: The Spanish Chair from 1958 and the J39 chair from 1947. Both chairs are made in a scale of 1:6.

The mini chairs can at the end of August 2015 be purchased in Fredericia’s Store & Showroom in Copenhagen.


J39 chair in natural size and in miniature.