Mistral blows with new, fresh air

The Mistral furniture line has for many years been a trump card for the Danish furniture manufacturer Hammel Furniture, which successfully has sold it to a wide range of furniture chains and stores in many countries. However, even strong draught horses also sometimes need new energy, and therefore Hammel Furniture has chosen to provide the furniture range with a new profile through an extensive branding process, in order to emphasize the Mistral name even more firmly among both retailers and consumers.

Originally, Mistral was mainly a storage furniture range for the living room, but over the years, it has been developed and expanded so that it now offers interior solutions for almost any room in the home – the dining room, the hall, the home office, the bedroom, etc. One of the ideas with the new profile is precisely to draw attention to the numerous furnishing options offered by the Mistral range, says CEO Jens-Ole Staghøj, Hammel Furniture.



The overall graphic element in the new profile is “The Mistral”, which is the nickname for the characteristic double-conical handle. This handle was designed by architect Jacob Jacobsen in the early 2000s and has since adorned all Mistral doors and drawer fronts. Now, it also appears in the new Mistral logo and has furthermore become an animated character in a new profile video which you can see here.

The Mistral concept also includes a brand new website www.mistral-furniture.dk with detailed product overview, drawing program and furnishing suggestions.