Mirrors in craftsmanship quality

When using mirrors in interior design, one can achieve many effects by simple means. Mirrors can make small rooms appearing larger, and they can shed additional light into dark corners. And if you place a mirror facing a window, you can create the optical illusion that there are several windows in the room.

Danish furniture designers Nissen & Gehl MDD know all about this, and therefore, they have provided their extensive Naver design furniture collection with a series of new mirrors, which simply bears the name Mirror. The design is pure and minimalistic, and the beautifully rounded corners indicate a high aesthetic and craftsmanship quality.

The Naver Mirror mirrors are manufactured in three different types of wood – ash, oak and walnut – and are available in three different sizes: AK 6 measures 60 x 60 cm, AK 9 measures 60 x 45 cm, and AK 14 measures 140 x 45 cm.

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