Lune Lamp sheds light on the art of woodturning


Sverre Uhnger has designed Lune Lamp for Brdr. Krüger.

The lamp is manufactured as a table lamp and as a pendant in smoked, waxed or white oiled oak respectively.

The Lune Lamp unexpectedly combines the fine tradition of the craft of woodturning, with modern technology and the most beautiful and warmest natural materials.

The perfectly round solid wooden lampshade features a contemporary LED bulb.

The Lune Lamp refers to the Scandinavian word “lunt” (warm, cosy, glowing), which reflects the basic human need for products that make us feel comfortable.

The Lune lamp is a study in combining craftsmanship with modern LED technology. Inspired by perfectly turned wooden balls, the design examines wooden spheres and the relationships that arise between them. The warm light and the curves of the cord add life to the thinly detailed tree shape.

Sverre Uhnger

Lune Lamp is a lovely and bright solution – which in truth creates a warm and “lun” atmosphere.

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