Listen to your shelves

montana_hi_fi_1With the new hi-fi products, Montana now can not only be enjoyed with the eyes, but also with the ears.

The Danish furniture manufacturer Montana now challenges another one of the human senses. This is done with the launch of the new product range Montana hi-fi, which includes a sound unit as well as loudspeakers of various sizes.

The sound unit consists of a 2 x 100 watt amplifier and a DAB/FM radio, which is controlled by a remote control or a special app. The loudspeakers are available in sizes small, medium and large.

It is also possible to play the sound from computers, smartphones, tablets and TV-sets. Furthermore, the sound can be played directly via popular streaming services like Spotify etc.

The sound technology is developed by the Danish hi-fi specialist Point Source Acoustics. This ensures that the sound unit and the loudspeakers fit perfectly for Montana modules.

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