Lightness and solidity

naver_plankThe new Plank Deluxe dining table from Naver Collection combines a refined frame in stainless steel with a solid wood tabletop. The simple design idiom provides the dining table with a balanced and simple expression that fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style, and the slender, sculptured frame gives the dining table a hovering lightness. As a beautiful contrast to this, the solid tabletop offers the joy of the unique grain pattern of the wood.

Plank Deluxe measures 100 cm in width and is available in lengths of 210, 240, 270 and 300 cm. The tabletop is available in elm, ash, wild oak, oak, walnut and walnut sapwood. On wild oak tables, cracks will be part of the table’s personal expression. Extension leaves in solid wood or black painted MDF can be ordered separately.

Design: Nissen & Gehl.

Naver Collection
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