Lift up your kitchen!

More and more areas of the home are becoming adapted to the individual user and his or her ergonomic needs. We already know the height-adjustable desk and the elevation bed. In kitchens too, the ability to raise and lower small tabletops, so they can be used for both dining area and kitchen work, has been known for some years.

But why stop at tables? Why not make it possible to raise or lower entire kitchen sections? In this way, the kitchen can be adapted to family members of different height, so no one risks getting neck or shoulder pains during kitchen work, carried out either too low or too high.

This has now become possible, thanks to the Baselift concept newly introduced by Danish kitchen manufacturer Sønderborg Køkkenet, after several years of development in cooperation with Linak, the world leading Danish manufacturer of actuators. Thus, Sønderborg Køkkenet is the first kitchen company to offer a technology that makes it possible to raise or lower entire kitchen units with up to 10 cm. It may not sound like much, but studies show that this will help the vast majority of users.

The Baselift technology is hidden in the kitchen base and is therefore not visible.

Watch a movie about Baselift here.

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