Children’s furniture in urban design


Linea by Leander is the name of a new range of furniture for toddlers’ room that includes a crib, a bed, a changing table and a dresser, all of which are made of oak.

Linea by Leander is designed by Stig Leander, who founded his company in 1998. His ambition has been to create a light and minimalist look, to match the latest trends in modern and urban interior. Everything superfluous has been eliminated and there is paid great attention to detail and design. This includes the soft curves at the edges, the beautiful finger joints and the characteristic oblique lines, inspired by the shape of an hourglass.

Price-wise, Linea by Leander will be in the upper part of the mid-price range, and thus, many more families now will have the opportunity to choose children’s furniture that combines design, function and craftsmanship.

Tel.: +45 8686 9088