Lean project will increase Four Design’s customer focus

All members of the Four Design staff are involved in the Lean project.

At the office furniture manufacturer Four Design, customers have always been in focus, but there is always room for improvement. Therefore, the company is in the process of implementing a Lean project to review the entire production flow and reduce lead times. The goal is to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and reduce waste – all to create added value for customers.

The starting point for the Lean project are the 5 S’s: Sorting, system, shine, standardize and self-discipline. This means that the entire production apparatus has been reviewed and that the facilities have been cleaned up and systematized, so no one is in doubt where tools, machinery, pallet trucks, etc. are located.

A key focus area is a waste, which both increases costs and extends delivery times. This is not only a question of waste of materials and resources, but also includes factors such as overproduction, discarding, inappropriate processes and movements, etc.

The Lean project is conducted in collaboration with external consultants and will run well into 2015. The management of Four Design has given the project a top priority and employees fully support the initiative.

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