Kvist Industries tightens the supply chain

The Ottawa chair, designed by Karim Rashid, is one of the furniture items which Kvist Industries as a subcontractor produces for BoConcept. Read more about BoConcept here.

The great Danish supplier of components and finished furniture for the furniture industry, Kvist Industries, is in 2016 participating in a project about optimizing supply chains. The project is called “Stram Kæden” (Tighten the Chain) and is organized by the Danish Industry Foundation and the Confederation of Danish Industry. Participation in this project gives Kvist the opportunity to upgrade its cooperative relations from the traditional customer/supplier relationship into a real partnership.

Through this project, Kvist creates a closer cooperation with both its suppliers and customers, both in order to facilitate a better understanding of each other’s business, and to use new tools for optimizing the cooperation.

By now, Kvist both works with five key suppliers in its team, and with one of its major customers, the BoConcept furniture group, to move forward in the value chain. The Tighten the Chain project supports Kvist Industries’ primary goal to be the preferred partner for customers who appreciate quality and value service in the furniture industry. Kvist hopes that the outcome will be both better relations with suppliers and customers, and that it will increase the company’s flexibility in obtaining the best prices, delivery times and adherence to high standards.

Kvist Industries
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