Kvist on two wheels

Kvist Industries – the great Danish supplier of components and finished furniture for the furniture industry – has now gained a foothold outside the furniture world. New to the customer list is the Latvian company SIA Tu Jau Zini, for whom Kvist produces the innovative and award-winning children’s bike Brum Brum Balance Bike, which is based on the growing focus on children’s health during childhood.

The bike is made of high quality birch and oak plywood, which ensures both durability and optimum comfort for the child. Its dynamic form allows balance and flexibility, and the bent wooden frame has an effective shock-absorbing effect.

Brum Brum bicycles are sold exclusively online, and Kvist is not only responsible for the production, but also packs the bikes and sends them directly to customers.

The Brum Brum balance bike is a unique addition to Kvist Industries’ product range and demonstrates the company’s willingness to take up any challenge in wood.

Read more about Brum Brum here.

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