More than conversation in new kitchen surroundings

This year, it is 16 years ago since Danish kitchen manufacturer Kvik launched the concept of “conversation kitchen”. It was quickly accepted in everyday language as a cozy place, where family members met around mealtimes, telling each other about their daily experiences, joys and sorrows.

In the years that have passed since then, family structures have changed considerably, and many new family trends have emerged. There are more people in fewer square meters, and more people choose to live alone, but also want room for many guests – or they might just have children at home every other week.

Kvik pays close attention to such trends, and thus, the conversation kitchen concept has been adjusted to modern times. This is why Kvik now launches a series of new products that are both targeted against the new family patterns and against new ways of using the kitchen.

The new products include seating – benches, sofas and stools – that are integral parts of the kitchen, with custom upholstered cushions. This means that both children and guests will be a major part of life in the kitchen.

Another new feature is a new extension table, hiding behind a drawer front, and which can be used both as a worktable and to put down bowls and dishes on. Whether used as a dining table, a workbench or an extra table, the extension table provides a new dimension to the kitchen.

The new Kvik kitchen products provide many other opportunities for development, and therefore Kvik encourages everyone to find new ways for use of the kitchen: Dancing, reading, party, life, work, play, love and cooking – all on a few square meters.

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