Kjærholm – now dressed in canvas


For the first time ever, it is now possible to buy a number of Danish furniture designer Poul Kjærholm’s wellknown furniture items with canvas covers. This applies for the PK80 daybed, the PK33 stool and the PK91folding chair, which has just come on the market.

Poul Kjærholm (1929-1980) often used nature as a source of inspiration and had a preference for the simple and unpretentious solutions. Therefore, the choice of the undyed canvas is in good accordance with his design philosophy. Furthermore, the material gives the furniture a new and distinctive dimension.

Like the traditional leather-covered versions of Kjærholm’s furniture, the new canvas versions are also characterized by aesthetics, comfort and durability. By contrast, the price of the furniture now comes down to a more accessible level.

Fritz Hansen
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