Jysk launches new retail store concept

Late August, the great Danish furniture and bedding chain Jysk opened a new kind of retail store: A so-called Jysk City store, located in the shopping center Fields in Copenhagen. The new store’s product range and interior are specially selected to match the urban lifestyle.

The Jysk City shop is, with a sales area of approximately 300 sqm, significantly smaller than ordinary Jysk stores. The product range is based on Jysk’s core competence, which is sleep-related products for all needs.

In the interior design of the Jysk City shop, great emphasis is laid on elements such as lighting, color coordination and product presentations across categories – all in order to provide customers with better inspiration for interior design.

By placing Jysk City stores in shopping centers, Jysk expects a better reach of customers in major urban areas, thus complying with the company’s mission to be available for all customer groups. Similar City shops can also be found in Sweden and China.

The Jysk Group includes more than 2,200 stores with a total of 19,000 employees in 37 countries.

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