Judgment is a clear victory over copycat

The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court has in November 2014 pronounced a judgment in a case, which five Danish design manufacturers had brought against the UK-based copy furniture company Voga Ltd. The company has for many years sold copies of famous Danish design furniture to Danish consumers via a Danish language website.

The judgment prohibits Voga to offer, sell and market 28 specific design products and related trademarks, for which the plaintiffs own the rights, on the Danish market. The judgment also prohibits Voga to contribute to import, distribution and supply in Denmark of the products concerned. In addition, Voga pay costs to the plaintiffs.

Since the case was brought up, Voga has tried to change its website, making it not so obviously addressed to Danish consumers. The Court assessed, however, that it was enough to avoid a ban because it could be proved that sales activities aimed at Danish customers were going on until a week before the proceedings.

“The Maritime and Commercial Court’s decision is a clear victory for the Danish original producers, who hereby get one of the most serious violators of original copyright and trademark rights in the Danish market slowed down. Thus, there is a good prospect that other copy furniture companies now must adjust their Danish activities, “says director Flemming Larsen from the industry organization Wood and Furniture Industry (TMI).

The five Danish companies, that had brought the case against Voga, are furniture manufacturers Fritz Hansen, Fredericia Furniture, Carl Hansen & Son, Erik Jørgensen and lamp manufacturer Louis Poulsen Lighting.

See the judgment here (in Danish language only).