Grain patterns and play of colors

Cabinetmaker Jesper Holm has developed a new dining table, where the grain patterns and play of colors in the wood come to their full potential.

The table can be ordered with the tabletop form and size according to your wishes. You can choose from 50 different types of wood, and the tabletop can be made as intarsia in various patterns.

The table legs are made of two types of wood in thin layers. Each leg opens up and the layers appear. At the bottom, the leg is tapered and the layers appear in elliptical patterns. Just like the legs, the edges are made of several types of wood.

As a special refinement and proof of authenticity, Jesper Holm’s company logo is inlaid in the leg or the table edge.

Jesper Holm Møbelsnedkeri
+45 3255 9855