Japanese success for BoConcept

From the introduction of BoConcept’s 2015 collection in the Aoyama store in Tokyo.

By Kent Dahl

Recently, Danish furniture group BoConcept’s flagship store in Tokyo introduced the company’s new 2015 collection, which also was introduced to the chain’s other 15 stores in Japan.

Despite the generally stagnant Japanese economy, BoConcept’s Japanese flagship store had the highest turnover among all the group’s 260 retail stores worldwide this year.

Although the BoConcept store in Munich recently has taken over the driver’s seat, the store in Tokyo’s fashionable Aoyama district still has the strongest growth among all BoConcept stores. For BoConcept, Japan is also the largest market in Asia and the fourth largest market in the world.

“We have been good to upgrade our stores and showrooms,” says CFO Benny Storgaard from BoConcept’s subsidiary in Japan. “We’ve also had good success with our interior design service, where we help our clients to find the right solution to their homes,” he adds.

BoConcept’s Japanese customers are typically well-off married couples with two incomes and no children. They are usually interested in exclusive furniture at an affordable price. Pricewise, the new collection has a greater variety and now offers a few cheaper models. BoConcept expects thereby to hit a wider target audience with an interest in Scandinavian design.

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