Japanese-Danish chair cooperation

Danish furniture design studio O&M Design (Takashi Okamura and Erik Marquardsen) has created the easy stacking chair MO Chair for the big Japanese office furniture group Uchida Yoko. MO Chair is, among other things, characterized by that the plastic components can be molded in a variety of colors.

O& MDesign has for many years worked closely with Danish furniture manufacturer Getama, and the designers had spotted that the MO Chair would cover a hole in Getama’s furniture collection. Therefore, they suggested that Getama could sell the chair, which also would expand Uchida Yoko’s market.

The cooperation has been established with the help of the Danish-Japanese consulting firm Ayanomimi, who has been in charge of cooperation agreements, correspondence, logistics, etc.

The first container with MO Chairs has already been delivered to Getama, where the chairs are assembled, upholstered and fitted by Danish standards. The cooperation also includes the possibility that Getama, in a longer view, can deliver furniture to Uchida Yoko.

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