It started in a laundry room…

Ivan Hansen (left) and Henrik Sørensen in the Trusteeship Council Chamber at UN headquarters in New York.

1 December 2015 is an anniversary day for the furniture company Onecollection. Then it will be 25 years ago that the two young furniture entrepreneurs, Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen, started their joint furniture company. Both were driven by a passion for good furniture design of the kind that unites function, craftsmanship and beauty on a higher level.

In the beginning, the young company had its office in Henrik Sørensen’s mother’s laundry room in Odense. After some address changes during the following years, the company ended up in Ringkøbing in Western Jutland, and from here, a very wide range of design and contract furniture designed by leading Danish furniture designers – both living and dead, and supplemented with a few foreign contributions – has flown out.

One of the quantum jumps in the history of Onecollection occurred in 2000, when Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen acquired the rights to produce and sell all furniture created by the world-renowned Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl. This effectively put the company on the global design map and made access to many new markets.

Another highlight was the refurbishing of the Trusteeship Council Chamber at UN headquarters in New York in 2011, where Onecollection, together with furniture designers Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard ,won a prior design competition with the Council Chair.

Although Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen no longer are very young entrepreneurs, it is still passion, faith and courage that are the driving forces behind Onecollection. And although the company has now built up a distinguished international reputation, it is still the unpretentious and devil-may-care attitude that characterizes the duo.

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