International expert: Danish design is successful because it is not from Denmark

tobias_lutzTobias Lutz: Young Danish companies carry the story of Danish design into the future.

On 4 September 2014, the international furniture symposium in connection with the Images of Danish Furniture campaign was held in the House of Industry in Copenhagen. More than 100 furniture professionals from home and abroad attended the many expert observations, that  with different approaches discussed the potential and the future challenges for the Danish furniture industry.

One of the contributors of the seminar was the German-Swiss architect Tobias Lutz, who is founder of the well-reputed international design portal Architonic. Tobias Lutz could tell that among the 100 most searched furniture designers on the portal, 8 of them were Danes – but none of them were alive today.

This proves that it is still the classic furniture designers who carry out the story of Danish design – but it does not mean that Danish design has no future, Lutz pointed: “I see a clear trend, which I will call New Nordic Design and which includes the many new brands – such as Mater, Normann Copenhagen, Hay and & Tradition – who develop lots of new products in close collaboration with international designers and manufacturers from around the world. There is no other country that has a similar growth layer, and I see this type of companies as those that will tell the story of modern Danish design. ”

“New Danish design is thus no longer defined by either local feedstock or local production, and to put it bluntly, one can say that Danish design is successful precisely because it is global and not specifically Danish,” Tobias Lutz stated.