Innovation and customer service provides profits for Hammel


The Danish manufacturer of shelving systems and tables, Hammel Furniture, achieved in 2014 its best financial result for many years. The company posted a profit of 3.0 million DKK. before tax, continuing the positive trend from 2013. There is an improvement in both the top and the bottom line.

According to CEO Jens-Ole Staghøj, reasons for the good result are, inter alia, that Hammel Furniture has managed both to develop its product range – including the famous Mistral bookcase series – with new products and concepts, and to enhance the experience of being a customer at Hammel Furniture. For example, hard work has been made to reduce the delivery time, and investments in production, product development and marketing are intensified.

Jens-Ole Staghøj emphasizes the companys’s exports to the Norwegian market, where the cooperation with the furniture chain Bohus has developed positively. He expects that, over the next few years, similar partnerships in other countries can be established.

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