InnoPod: The mobile workspace


At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Four Design introduced an innovative piece of world news: The InnoPod, which is a mobile here-and-now workstation, study room or waiting room for those who  seek peace for contemplation, comfort and concentration.

The modern working and study life has many physical and mental challenges. Therefore it has been Four Design’s ambition to create a space that reduces noise, creates peace, improves mobility and reduces the activity of our innate fear center (amygdala), so the ability to concentrate can be maintained throughout.

Each InnoPod module is mobile and can be easily moved and linked to other InnoPods, when teamwork is the best way of working. InnoPod is perfect for large rooms, hallways and open office landscapes. Each InnoPod only takes up 1 square meter (0.95 x 1.2 m).

InnoPod is shaped like an upturned U with curved sides for maximum noise reduction. The acoustics are great and provide both peace to work, while remaining part of the community.

InnoPod is covered with the new mottled fabric Hush, anthracite on the outside and light on the inside. InnoPod also comes with two different desktop models.

InnoPod is developed in collaboration with furniture designer Anders Nørgaard.

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