Indoor-Outdoor by Bodil Kjær


Throughout her career architect and professor Bodil Kjær has worked on creating harmony between design and architecture.

Among other things, it has resulted in a tight range of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use.

Originally, the series by the name Indoor-Outdoor was developed for the US market in 1959.

The range consists of a series of extremely clarified outdoor furniture models that combine form, function and patina beautifully.

Now, Carl Hansen & Son adds this architectural furniture series to the collection of design classics.

I considered furniture as elements of architecture where the size had to relate to the rooms. Similarly, outdoor furniture requires to be larger to reflect the construction formats.
Bodil Kjær

The series consists of a lounge chair and a small table, a dining table, a dining chair, a two-seater lounge sofa, a hanging sofa and a sunbed.

See more about architect and professor Bodil Kjær as well as the beautiful series of furniture on the website.

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