Kitchen manufacturer gets bridgehead in Northern Germany


The great Danish kitchen manufacturer HTH is now entering the North German market. This is done in cooperation with the Danish standard house company HusCompagniet, who has opened a showroom in the city of Neumünster, where the houses are furnished with kitchens from HTH. In the showroom, HTH has set up an exhibition of 200 sqm, where the company presents its interior solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

The cooperation has so far led to the fact that of the 70 houses so far sold by HusCompagniet to North German customers, more than half are provided with an HTH kitchen.

“We want to tell the Germans that they must buy a Danish house with a Danish kitchen,” says Peter Brandt-Clausen, who is B2B chain manager at HTH.

HTH will initially focus exclusively on the northernmost part of Germany, where people share the Scandinavian design mindset. If the company succeeds in creating a stable business base here, the idea is to penetrate deeper into Germany.

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