HTH merges kitchen store and online sales


The Danish kitchen manufacturer HTH is now trying to rethink the traditional kitchen store. The idea is to provide customers with a better experience by integrating the virtual and the physical presentation of the kitchens. The HTH store in Tilst, Aarhus, which is the setting for the premiere of the new concept, has been developed in cooperation with the design studio Aarstiderne Architects.

“This new initiative comes because consumers have changed their behavior and now both orientate themselves online and visit the physical stores. Therefore, we have developed a cross-channel concept that integrates the best of both worlds,” says Carl Kristian Birk, marketing director at HTH.

The new store allows customers to see much more individual kitchen designs in different housing types, so both the resident in the small apartment and in the large villa can get realistic and inspiring kitchen design proposals. “It is crucial that the customers get a lifelike experience and recognize themselves in our solutions,” Birk adds.

At a later stage, iPad displays will be set up in the store so the customers can seek information about the products. These will be directly connected to HTH’s impending focus on e-commerce, making it possible for the customer to sit in the store and order his or her own kitchen directly.

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