How to live with Montana throughout the house

This is how it looks like in the master bedroom in Montana Home.

In connection with the design festival 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen in late May, furniture company Montana opens its doors to a true innovation in Danish furniture showrooms: A veritable family accommodation.

For many years, Montana has been primarily known as a supplier of modular storage systems, but the company would like to demonstrate that Montana’s product universe has numerous other applications.

Therefore, Montana asked the renowned Danish architectural firm Vilhelm Lauritzen to design a house for a specific – and fictional – family, consisting of father, mother and 1 child and 2 joint-custody children. The house – called Montana Home – is 215 sqm and is built as a 1: 1 mock-up inside Montana’s showroom in Pakhus 48 in Copenhagen.

The idea of Montana Home is to show how Montana’s products can be used anywhere in the house – from the bedroom and the children’s room through the living room and the home office to the hallway, the kitchen and the bathroom. And virtually all of Montana’s extensive color range is used to show how colors can be used as key elements in interior design.

Montana Home is tastefully and personally decorated with lots of art and other details that create a credible and realistic experience of a modern Danish home.

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