Honour to fast-growing furniture manufacturer

From left: CEO Palle Damborg, Chairman of DI Skive/Viborg, CEO Henrik Holmris, Holmris, and Mayor Torsten Nielsen, Municipality of Viborg.

In recent years, Danish office furniture manufacturer Holmris in Bjerringbro has experienced tremendous growth, which is the result of a dedicated growth strategy, which was introduced in 2009 and ever since has brought progress. Since its change of strategy, Holmris has increased its turnover sevenfold, while the number of employees within 5 years has increased from 39 til 170.

Like many other Danish office furniture manufacturers, Holmris was hit hard when the financial crisis came. Sales of desks and office furniture plummeted, and the company was in a situation where it at first was necessary to trim and adjust the entire company, and then find a new way back to growth.

The strategy was to get closer on customers, which led to the establishment of a new sales company and the acquisition of a number of furniture companies, including Flexform in 2013 and Labofa in 2014.

Simultaneously, management was strengthened and more focus was put on product development. The impressive growth performance has had the effect that Holmris late November was awarded the Initiative Prize of the Confederation of Danish Industries’ local branch in the Skive/Viborg area.

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