Holmris doubled earnings in 2014


The Cabale table series has helped to boost the economic development in Holmris Group. Design: Lise & Hans Isbrand.

Danish office furniture group Holmris Group experienced strong growth in 2014. The group reached the statement of 455 mill. DKK (+ 66%) with an operating profit of 25.1 mill. DKK. (+ 104%). “The result is satisfactory, especially when you consider that we have spent much money on mergers and continued investments in growth,” says CEO Henrik Holmris.

The improvement is based on both Danish domestic sales and export markets. In Denmark, the sales company Holmris+Flexform has proved successful, and abroad, the sales office in the United States has facilitated further growth.

According to Henrik Holmris, one reason for the increase is that the group has been able to meet the growing demand for unique and design-oriented interior solutions with a Nordic touch, which the customers use to differentiate themselves visually. This will continue to be one of Holmris’ strongest competitive factors, and therefore, cooperation with leading designers will increase.

It is Holmris Group’s ambition is to achieve a consolidated turnover of 1 billion DKK in 2018. “Most of the growth is expected to come from export markets, and we will also in future be in the market for acquisitions of companies that fit into our strategy,” says Henrik Holmris.

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