Høffer 4115/4118

hoffer 4115/4118

In 1967 the cabinetmaker Kaj Høffer Larsen designed a children’s chair, which has since been produced in more than 100,000 copies.

In fact, in some kindergartens you may still find almost 50 years old versions of the chair.

In the 60s in Denmark most children were wearing overalls, with a brass button holding the straps together on the back. The brass button felt uncomfortable and scratched the back of the chairs, therefore Kaj Hoeffer designed the large hole in the back of the chair, which today is very characteristic for its inviting appearance.

Today the chairs are still hand built by Trekanten-Hestbæk in sustainable Danish beech.

There is internationally a growing interest in the well build small chair with the playful look and the good story.

So it is with a good reason that the chair today is referred to as a small furniture classic.

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