Historic plank table got fine auction price


The beautiful plank board at Bred Furniture’s booth. In the background, the company’s sales manager Susanne Nielsen.

An eye catcher at Bred Furniture’s booth at the Møbelmessen.dk fair in mid-November was a great plank table with a powerful massive tabletop of American maple. The table top was carved out of a maple tree that struck roots in the 1700s and grew close to the road between Washington DC and the city of Harrisonburg in Virginia.

It is said that America’s first president, George Washington, often passed by the tree during his travels, and it was a favorite place to eat lunch. It is also said that those who ate lunch under the tree, would never be short of money.

The tree was blown to the ground during a storm in 1989 and was brought to a small local Amish sawmill, where it was cut up. Here, one of Bred Furniture’s wood suppliers found the beautiful plank, which was transported to Denmark and became this unique table.

Bred Furniture put the table for sale at an auction during the fair, and the highest bid came from Norwegian furniture store Borgen Furniture in Larvik, who bought it for 11,000 DKK.

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