Green design award for multi-functional table

Thomas Bundgaard from VIA Design & Business was the first prize winner, when 100 young design students from the Danish design and architecture schools in mid-November competed in the 2015 edition of the annual competition FSC Design Award.

His contribution was the table “FuncTure Side Table” – a small collapsible side table that doubles as a newspaper rack or a stool. Under the tabletop a shelf is hiding, and beneath there is a pocket for newspapers and magazines. In the collapsed state, the table takes up no more space than a folding chair.

The table is made of FSC-certified oak, and it has been Thomas Bundgaard’s aim that the table should be durable and easy to disassemble, and that it can be produced with minimal use of adhesives and other chemicals.

“FuncTure Side Table is an ingenious piece of furniture with multiple functions. There is thought about the details and the sustainability and the different materials complement each other in an aesthetic way,” quote the jury panel.

FSC Design Award is organized by FSC Denmark in collaboration with Forests of the World. The aim is to inspire young designers to think about sustainability when it comes to materials and production methods. This year, the competition was held for the 10th time.

As winner of the FSC Design Award, Thomas Bundgaard is awarded with a trip to Bolivia, where he will visit areas of FSC-certified forests. He will also meet the forest’s native inhabitants and visit a local workshop that will help him to produce a unique, FSC-certified version of the winning design made of local wood species.