Great sound for great food


Most people would like to listen to the radio in the kitchen when they cook or wash the dishes. Now, the Danish manufacturer HTH Kitchen helps consumers to get an even better sound experience in the kitchen. With the assistance of professional audio specialists, HTH has developed a special wireless speaker module called Sound ID, which is connected via Bluetooth to the tablet, the mobile phone or the PC. The ultra-slim sound module is specifically designed for use in the kitchen and fits easily in between two cabinet modules.

The sound module, available in two heights (respectively 57.6 cm and 70.4 cm), can be installed in both new and existing HTH kitchens. The module’s front is stuck with magnets so it can easily be removed for cleaning. Fronts are available in the colors silver or white.

The Sound ID module contains two 3-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter. The design provides a perfect sound dispersion and a uniform sound quality all over the kitchen. The amplifier is a PSRR closed loop class D, providing 30 watts.

HTH Kitchen
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