Great results for Midform Group


Midform Group provides, among other things, moulded items in veneer.

The Middelfart-based company group Midform Group, who is a key supplier to the furniture industry, made good results in 2013 with a record profit of 7 million DKK.

The Midform Group includes Midform A/S, who produces moulded items in veneer, Rufac Ltd. in Rudkobing, who produces frames for desks, as well as the American company SIS USA Inc., based in New Hampshire, who provides height-adjustable desk solutions for large companies.

It is especially Rufac and SIS USA, who contributed to the good results. In 2013, Rufac produced more than 32,000 frame sets, mainly for exports to the United States.

CEO and majority shareholder of Midform Group, Claus Hansson, points to adaptability, large capacity and a skilled workforce as key factors behind the success of Midform Group. He says that future investments has been made in order to ensure further growth and profitability, partly through enhanced sales efforts and partly through an optimization of the group’s production facilities in Poland.

An indication that Midform Group is on the right track, is supported by the preliminary 2014 figures, showing a large increase in revenue compared to 2013. Evidence suggests that the 2014 turnover will exceed 100 million DKK, which will be the highest level ever in the company history.

Midform A/S
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