Great deals in country number 37

“I have a good deal for you” – this phrase, which group founder Lars Larsen used during his early television commercials, has now almost become a synonym for the expansive Danish furniture and bedding group Jysk.

Now the people of Montenegro will also get to know the phrase, as the first Jysk store has just opened in the country’s second largest city Nikšić. The next store in Montenegro will open within the next months and there are expectations to open even more stores in the country, which has 600,000 inhabitants. The Jysk stores in Montenegro are run by a local franchisee, who already has deep experience in the retail sector, since he owns eight supermarkets.

Montenegro is the 37th country on the Jysk Group world map. Together, the Group has 2,200 stores with a total of approximately 19,000 employees.