Getama relaunches a Wegner classic from the golden age of furniture art


GE1 from the 1950s is entirely its own, it is neither a daybed, a recliner or a sofa.

With this relaunch, Getama wishes to pay tribute to their old house architect Wegner.

GE1 consists of two parts, a sitting element and a stool.

GE1 is offered with upholstery in leather or textile. The 54 hand sewn stitches give life to the surface of the furniture and gives both the stool, seat and back a living expression.

The back position can be set anywhere from zero to 90 degrees – in this way the furniture works as a chair, chaise longue and sofa.

Exactly as in the 1950s, we now bring to life Wegner’s idea in honest, solid materials like oak, leather and textile

Jesper Temp, Director and Owner

Getama’s relaunch of GE1 is a festive example of the Danish tradition of crafts and design.

See more about GE1 on the website here.

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